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Calf Lift & Implants

Calf enlargement is a procedure that can help to restore symmetry to the legs when the calf is much smaller in relation to the thigh than looks balanced or when the lower extremity as a whole is thin as compared to the upper body.

For body builders, the calf muscles are usually the most difficult of all muscles to enlarge by exercise and they often request calf implants or calf augmentation for this reason.

Occasionally, after a disease such as poliomyelitis or after a surgical muscle release procedure as in club-foot, there is asymmetry between left and right sides and only one leg needs augmentation. In keeping with the anatomy of the main calf muscle which has two heads, two implants are usually required in each calf to achieve maximum enlargement, but occasionally only inner side implants are required such as in "bow legged" patients.

Silicone elastomer implants are available in at least four sizes. With few exceptions, most men require an extra large, large, or medium size implant, and most women require a medium or small implant.