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For anyone, France is a surely a country to consider for treatment. France has been rated number one out of 196 countries by the World Health Organization, due to the excellent service and quality of so many treatments available. Although not the cheapest treatment in Europe its ratings make it a desirable destination for complex surgery or treatments that require the best and most guarantee professional care around.

It´s medical care structure offers important medical care treatments for international patients as well as beauty enhancements for that dreamed look. Highly recognized hospitals and doctors have made a good reputation for France as a popular medical tourism destination. Surgical costs in France are between 30% and 50% lower than in the United States and other European countries.

L'Institut de Cancerologie Gustave Roussy

The IGR's vocation is to provide a very high level of expertise within the context of European cancerology and give patients access to the most appropriate treatment. With a single objective: to offer effective human and technical solutions to those suffering from or predisposed to cancer, using new preventive, predictive and curative drugs, developing support care and new support services

American Hospital of Paris

The Association of the American Hospital of Paris was created in 1906 by several members of the American community in Paris. Their wish was to create a Paris-based hospital which would provide American expatriates residing in France with American-trained medical care in their own language, regardless of their financial means.

Today, the hospital is staffed with over 400 physicians and equipped with over 150 beds. American Hospital of Paris is a full service hospital with 40+ specialties.

Avant Medical - Cosmetic Surgery

Well respected cosmetic surgery clinic in Paris, with founding origins in London. The small team of cosmetic surgeons are well known for their work with European film and theater personalities.