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Hair Transplant



Medication can thicken and lengthen (regrowth) hair in some and not in all who take them

 Medication is effective at the back (Vertex) and middle (Mid scalp) but almost ineffective in the front (esp. Hair line) where one needs the hair most.

 Medication can work only until you keep taking if you stop taking medication the benefits achieved by medication soon start disappearing (because the hormones once again start working their ill effects). Medication although reasonably safe should be taken for lifetime –the idea normally puts off many

 Medications although fairly safe are not without any side effects

Other Non- Surgical Means:

Wigs and Concealers are other possible solutions to baldness. Concealers are temporary hair cosmetics, good for thinning hair and as temporary solution such as before going to party. They require regular care and expense. They are not cheap either.

Surgery by Follicular hair Transplant is better in many respects

Transplanted Hair Looks and feels natural unlike wig and concealer

 Transplanted hair remain undetectable among the other hair

 Transplanted hair grows and keeps growing permanently unlike the hair of wig and the regrown hair by Medication

 Do not require extra maintenance or care unlike wig, which require lifetime care.

 The Transplanted hair can be cut, colored and styled as well

 Transplantation normally has one time expense unlike medication or wig which require lifetime expense

 It is a One day Procedure performed by numbing your skin so you can talk with doctor, watch TV, listen to music, read, take a nap, have lunch and juice and even go to toilet!

 No bandages at the end

 You can take shoulder bath from same day and can shampoo your hair from 3rd day

 You can even do light office work from second day

 If you are from out station you may travel back same or the next day minimum follow-up is required thereafter

What is the guarantee that the implanted hair will grow? Why don't they too fall under the effect of hormones like other hair?

The Common Baldness or Pattern baldness in males and Female is programmed by heredity or genes i.e. the hair in the top middle part of scalp become susceptible to the effect of the hormones and the fringe of hair at the side and back remain genetically immune to the effect of hormones. These hairs grow permanently or at least till late age and they also maintain their quality unlike the susceptible hair of middle, which shorten and thin out in caliber as well. These hairs are called permanent hair. If we remove the roots from permanent area and graft them in front or any other part of scalp or body they keep growing like they used to do in their native area. The hormones even in new area don't affect them. Over 90% of the implanted are destined to survive with modern techniques of transplanting.

Do I have to wait till all my hair fall out or can I undergo the procedure to increase my density?

Like any medical problem, one should not wait till the last stage of manifestation of deformity of baldness. As the density of hairs gets down, one can safely plant the follicles in-between existing hairs, to compensate for the loss, without looking bald.

Do I have to undergo tests before the procedure?

Yes usually they are 1. Complete blood count 2. HbSAg (Australian Antigen) 3. P.T & APTT 4. Blood Sugar (Fasting and Post prandial) 5. H.I.V.

What care do I take before HT? Pre operative Care Before Procedure:

In order for us to provide you with the highest quality medical care; the following instructions are important for you to follow:

1. Medications: Do not take aspirin & other blood thinning agents, Betablockers (for Blood Pressure), anti-inflammatory (like Ibuprofen, etc), Tricyclic Anti depressants & MAO inhibitors, multivitamins including vitamin B, a week prior to your procedure.

2. Avoid Alcohol for a days prior, & tea or coffee on the day of operation- that may increase bleeding

3. Don't smoke at least 24 hours prior to operation –that will reduce healing

4. The morning of your procedure take a bath or shower and wash your hair thoroughly using regular shampoo. After shampooing, please rinse thoroughly and use a fresh clean towel to dry your hair. Do not apply sprays or gels to your hair. If you wear a wig, please make sure it is removed prior to your morning shower and not replaced before your procedure. Wear cap after shampoo to keep the hair free of dust.

5. Eat light breakfast the morning of your procedure

6. Wear comfortable clothing the day of your procedure avoid T shirt or thermal. Wear simple shirt.

7. Please do not bring any valuables to the clinic on procedure day.

You may be receiving medications during the procedure that can make you drowsy. Because of this we strongly recommend not to drive home the day of your procedure. If you are unable to have you driven home. If you are coming from far we will arrange for lodging at a hotel near our office so that you may stay overnight

Can HT be done if I am Diabetic or if I have Blood Pressure or other medical problems?

 Medical problems under good control by medication do not stop you from undergoing the procedure.

What are the side effects and complications?

It is one of the safest procedures devised by medical science and leaves you with hardly any long-term problems. Discomfort, swelling of forehead, numbness at the back trouble you only for a while. Serious complication in competent hand is unheard of.

Can hair from other parts of my body be transplanted?

Technically that is possible but hair follicle from the other parts of the body when planted on the head, does maintain its genetic characteristics, and hence it does not look, feel and grow as good as scalp hair.

How many follicles will I require?
Number of follicles required is based on factors that vary among individuals.

 Degree & Progress of hair loss

 Hair characteristics

 Area where coverage is desired

 Expectation by patient

The total number of hair on the head remains the same as before or after Hair Transplantation. The hair root from ‘permanent hair growing area” from the back and side of the head (medically known as Hair Bank or Donor Area) is transferred to the front and /or top of the head. In Hair Transplantation no new hair is grown. Only the transplanted hair roots are arranged in such a way that head looks fuller with hair.
We have approximately 1,00,000 hair on head. In the last stage of baldness i.e. Stage 7 baldness; he is left with almost 25,000 hair on the back and side of his head (medically known as Hair Bank or Donor Area). From this area, we can harvest up to 60 % or 15000 hairs, without looking obvious. One sq. cm of Donor Area contains 100 follicles, but each follicle (Root) may have either 1.2.3 or 4 number of hair. If you have more follicles containing 3 or 4 hair, you will have more density than one having 1 or 2 hair in each follicles. On an average each hair follicle contains 1.5-to2 hairs. So, on an average 100 follicles will contain up to 200 hairs. 15,000 hair means up to about 7 500 follicles are available for transplant from your donor site. These follicles are planted in such an artistic and Staggered pattern to create what is called an Organized Disorder Pattern over the bald area that head looks full of hair. It is the combination of Art and Science both, which gives most natural result.
Normally, you have density of 100 -follicles/sq cm on the head. We do not see the bald skin until we lose up to 60% of hair in the area. So in view of the limited availability of longer lasting follicles in the bank, we should aim for the maximum density of up to 40% plus /Sq.cm esp. in vital areas like frontal forelock. You do not get the same density all over, as before but you can make it look like near normal density.
It goes without saying for the Number of the hair that “ More the merrier”. But unfortunately you have 4 acres of seeds to be used for 12 acres of land! On an average 6 to 7000 follicles should be distributed for a person with Grade 7 baldness.

What density will I get?

 Hair Density (mass or fullness) is more with

 Length of each hair

 Thickness of hair

 Number of hairs per sq.cm. (Density)

 Acuteness of angle of exit of hair from the skin. This factor depend on the artistic ability of surgeon

 More perpendicular (coronal) direction of hair to the hole while inserting hair follicle. This factor depend on the artistic ability of surgeon

 Number of Hair per follicle like, 3-4 hair per follicle give more density

 Curliness of hair

 Low Contrast between color of hair and color of scalp

 Time: Hair starts growing after about 8 to 12 weeks from plantation and continues to grow at the rate of 1 cm per month. So, only with the passage of time, the hair mass will increase.
Normally, you have density of 100 -follicles/sq cm on the head. We do not see the bald skin until we lose up to 60% of hair in the area. So in view of the limited availability of longer lasting follicles in the bank, we should aim for the maximum density of up to 40% plus /Sq.cm esp. in vital areas like frontal forelock. You do not get the same density all over, as before but you can make it look like near normal density.

Hair Loss in female is not very different from that of man. Following are few differences.

1. Female pattern badness usually has intact hairline but the thinning is usually generalized on front, top and vertex in ‘O' shape unlike that of man who lose in ‘U' shape. Hair loss occurs at a little later age than that of man.

2. Hair loss needs to be particularly thoroughly investigated in ladies before any underlying medical cause where one may not be advised Hair Transplant for hair loss. Thyroid diseases, nutritional and menstrual abnormalities, Polycystic Ovary etc, after menopause are esp. investigated

3. Hair loss in early postoperative procedure due to telogen effluvium is more than that of man but the hair normally grows back.

4. Final result takes little longer than that of man because for hair to grow longer in females take longer time.