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In Panama, health and medical tourism is growing rapidly. Factors drawing medical tourists include Panama's tourist appeal, position as a hub for international travel, and use of the American dollar as the official currency. Many of Panama’s doctors are bilingual, board certified, and accustomed to working with the same medical equipment and technology used in the United States and Europe. On most procedures, Panama offers savings of more than 50% compared to the US and Europe.

Cosmetic, Bariatric, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Vascular, Orthopedics and Dental Care are regional specialties.

Hospital Punta Pacifica, Panama City

Hospital Punta Pacifica is the first in Latin America and the Caribbean to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.  Doctors and surgeons are leaders in their respective specialties, the facilities are world class and  it provides medical solutions at affordable prices, only comparable  to what a patient would receive in the United States or Europe.

Centro Medico Paitilla, Panama City

Located in Panama City, this 160-bed medical facility is affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and has been in existence since 1975. It is also a certified training facility for the American Heart Association and was one of only two hospitals that provided healthcare services to US military personnel.

Panama Plastic Surgery Institute, Panama City

A collaboration of two board certified surgeons specializing in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries and treatments.  Drs Luis Picard-Ami and Luis Daniel Crespo are considered demonstrated experts in their field and are associated with the Johns Hopkins affiliate hospital, Hotel Punta Pacifica.