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Singapore is Asia’s most appealing medical travel destination. It’s a small first-world city/state where almost everyone speaks fluent English. Hospitals and dental clinics are at least as good as those in the United States and Western Europe but at nearly 1/3 of the cost.

National University Hospital

One of the best hospitals in the world for the medical tourist. It’s clean, modern and efficient. This is a hospital that boasts almost every service a Medical Tourist could ask for, and most are considered a specialty. Cancer, Dentistry, Diagnostic Imaging, General Medicine, Cardiology, Opthomology, OBGYN, ENT, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Microsurgery and Neurosurgery to name a few.

Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

A close second to NUH (above), this hospital offers first-class care and plush international patients’ facilities. SGH operates as a restructured hospital and is a member of the SingHealth (Singapore Health Services) Group, an integrated healthcare delivery network incorporated on 31 March 2000 comprising hospitals, national specialty centers and polyclinics. SGH has been nurturing generations of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals since the first medical and nursing schools were established in the early 1900s. It became the first postgraduate teaching hospital for specialist training following the creation of specialty departments in the 1960s.

Raffles Medical Center

Raffles is a modern hospital offers good care at reasonable rates. Raffles Hospital is a tertiary care hospital and the flagship of the Raffles Medical Group, a leading private healthcare provider in Singapore and South East Asia connected through a network of clinics.

Raffles Medical Clinics offers a comprehensive range of primary healthcare services through our network of 74 multi-disciplinary clinics located across Singapore.