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From its unique vantage-point straddling the eastern and western worlds, Turkey is a country with much to offer its visitors. The medical tourism industry here is strong, due in part to its location and low prices that can even compete with countries in South Asia.

Currently, Turkey is a candidate for membership to the European Union. This has prompted private clinics and government hospitals to shore up their standards in order to meet and surpass rigorous international requirements, ultimately boosting the country’s image. As a result, much of the healthcare available in Turkey is sophisticated and modern.

Anadolu Medical Center, Istanbul

The International Services Department is a full-service department dedicated to meeting the needs of international patients. Our center is designed to help the international patients to derive maximum benefit from their stay at the hospital. An international patient specialist guides the patient throughout the entire process and handles all the details, enabling the patient and his family to concentrate on healing.

Specialties include Cancer, Heart, Pediatrics, Neurological and Dental. Anadolu is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine in the United States. Working together, this hospital has been developed into a world class facility.

American Hospital, Istanbul

American Hospital was the first private hospital in Turkey. It has now grown with over 50 departments, 360 patient rooms, 14 operating theaters, 400 physicians and an additional 1300 medical and administrative support staff. The hospital offers a wide range of medical treatments that should satisfy nearly every Medical Tourist.

Cevre Hospital, Istanbul

A private intimate hospital specialized in cosmetic procedures, aesthetics, bariatric surgery, dermatology, urology and ENT as well as other specialties, offering a full range of services to international patients. ISO Certified.