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Learn how the trend of medical tourism has caught on in recent years and what it is all about with these articles:

1. Medical Tourism: Everybody’s Guide to Affordable World-Class Medical Travel. Learn about why medical tourism is such a growing trend and find out about one man’s decision to get dental work done in Mexico.

2. Medical Tourism. Time Magazine explores the ways in which medical tourism has evolved and gives examples of world-wide facilities offering medical treatment to foreigners and current guidelines put in place by organizations such as the AMA.

3. Medical Tourism Growing Worldwide. This article provides information on why medical tourism is growing and also provides information on the qualifications of the physicians and health care facilities that participate.

4. Medical tourism agencies take operations overseas. CNN Money takes a look at medical tourism from a business perspective in this article.

5. Employers make a push for ‘medical tourism’. Another CNN Money article, this one explores why employers are offering to help fund overseas treatment for their employees.

6. Medical Tourism: Seeking Affordable Healthcare Overseas. This article looks at the development of medical tourism, benefits and risks, and impacts on economic health.

7. Medical Tourism. This article–and accompanying photos–follows two young foreigners in Thailand who are seeking medical treatment and offers a peek into what it’s like to participate in medical treatment in Bangkok.

8. Medical Tourism: The Big Picture. Healthbeat blog takes a close look at medical tourism in this post that informs about benefits, risks, and how it may affect healthcare of the future.

9. Vacation, Adventure and Surgery?. This piece from 60 Minutes was written in 2005, but provides an excellent look at exactly why people are choosing to get their procedures done abroad.

10. Saving on Surgery by Going Abroad. This in depth look at getting surgery overseas also offers photos and videos.

11. Booming trend is standard operating procedure. This article provides background and explanation behind the trend and includes video as well.

From the top five destinations for medical tourism to insurance coverage of overseas procedures to a round-table discussion of professionals in the industry, these articles take a closer look at some issues of medical tourism:

12. Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations. Learn which five destinations are the most popular for medical tourism and why with this article from NuWire Investor.

13. Operating profit. The Economist explores not only why medical tourism is taking off, but the implications this trend may have for health care treatment in America as well.

14. Crossing the healthcare border. Read this interview with Josef Woodman, the author of Patients Without Borders to see what he says about medical tourism.

15. Q&A: Preparing for a Surgery Abroad. From NPR, this primer lets you know what you should do prior to having surgery done overseas.

16. Healthy Travels. Learn about some of the companies behind the medical tourism industry with this article from Entrepreneur.com.

17. Medical Tourism: The Insurance Debate. As many people are participating in medical tourism as a way to cut costs for procedures, insurance agencies are beginning to cover treatment abroad. This article takes a brief look at the insurance companies’ involvement in this trend.

18. As Medical Tourism Grows, Hold On We’re In For a Wild Ride. Bob Watcher writes about how medical tourism is currently affecting and will continue to affect health care in the US in his post on The Health Care Blog.

19. Medical Travel. This round-table discussion brings five professionals together to look at medical travel and how it is shaping health care.